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Altapedia Online


CIA World Fact Book

National Geographic for Kids

Spanish Missions in Texas
Seventh graders in Mrs. Elkins’ Social Studies class will create a Keynote Presentation about Spanish missions in Texas. Credit will be given in both social studies and computer classes. 8 slides will include: Introduction/ 5 missions on individual slides/ conclusion/bibliography. Describe the mission. Include location, what it might have looked like in the 1700’s and what it looks like today. Include a picture of the mission on the slide.

Texas Indians
Social Studies Project for 7th Graders with Mrs. Elkins. Seventh Graders will be assigned a tribe to research. The project should include information about the following: Illustrations of a tribe member, dwelling, map of Texas showing where the group live, and descriptions of how the people lived, how they got their food, what kind of shelters they built. Also, include at least 3 other facts of interest such as: religion, government, clothing, roles of men, women, and children, contributions to culture/others, and what made them different/distinct. You will work on this in Social Studies class and in computer class.

Texas Government for Kids
Information from the Texas State Capitol.

Handbook of Texas Online
Use for Seventh Grade Power Point Project in March.

American Colonial Houses
Mrs. Whiteside’s 8th Grade social studies class will use this site to find a particular style of colonial house to reproduce in a drawing using Apple Works Draw.

Social Studies for Kids

History for Kids
Look for Egypt information for 6th grade project and 7th Grade Native Texans project.

National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic (Full site)

Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egyptian Information